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Is TrueTurf expensive?
A budget is an integral part of any project. TrueTurf offers exceptional value. Let us work with you to complete your TrueTurf green within the constraints of your budget. 

How long does installation take?
The installation of a green normally takes about one week of actual construction (weather permitting).

For the Original Putting Green, first we lay out the green, excavate, set concrete forms, establish the contour and cup locations, and then place the concrete. While the concrete cures we complete any related work, i.e. landscaping. We then install the putting surface, and you're ready for years of true putting enjoyment.

What about my yard during construction?
We take whatever measures are required to protect your property during construction. We advise you of various options to that end. Some options may increase the cost of getting materials to the site, but still be the better choice with regard to protecting your yard.

Over the years we have worked on many beautiful properties. We appreciate the care and expense invested to design, build, and maintain them. We take the time to determine the best way to get the green built with minimal disruption.

Why use concrete?
Concrete allows us to build a better putting green. One of our chief concerns is durability, and steel reinforced concrete meets that goal. On a TrueTurf Original Putting Green, the cups stay perfect, the undulation is fixed, and the turf never moves. The result is years of true putting enjoyment.

Why use steel in the concrete?
Using steel reinforced concrete is important. Our normal concrete specification is four inches of 3,500-psi concrete installed over a sub-base of crushed stone or sand. We use half-inch (#4) steel rebar 24" on center each way as reinforcement. When the two products are properly integrated they create a much stronger and more durable support structure than either alone.

Why use crushed stone at all?
One purpose of the sub-base material is to provide custom undulation of the putting green. In colder climates, where groundwater can find its way under concrete and freeze, we use several inches of crushed stone. This allows water to freeze within the gravel without heaving the concrete. Thus, the concrete can survive repeated freeze-thaw cycles without failure.

What about drainage?
Site evaluation and attention to detail with regard to drainage are important steps in building a putting green. We investigate and address existing landscape drainage issues before construction starts. Later, we even make sure the cups drain properly. 
An ounce of prevention…

Can I chip to my green?
A TrueTurf Original Putting Green is the best synthetic putting surface available, however, it will also accept short chip shots. 

Where sufficient space is available for a short golf game practice  green, we recommend the TrueTurf Short Game Green, designed to accept higher energy chip, pitch and approach shots.




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