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TureTurf's nylon putting
 surface even looks
 like natural grass.
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A higher standard of materials

The TrueTurf putting surface (Original Putting Green or Short Game Green) is made of a unique custom nylon designed to be the truest synthetic putting surface made. With or without top dressing your putts will track true, every time.

TrueTurf even looks like a natural green. Yet it's quite durable and features nearly zero maintenance. Plus, the turf is guaranteed for 7 years against fading, rot or any failure from normal use.

Top dressing vs. sand fill
The TrueTurf green does not require a sand filler to make the turf fibers stand up. We do offer a specially formulated, color coordinated top dressing to adjust green speed to match the speed at your favorite course.  You'll love the feel of a perfectly true putting green. TrueTurf is the best true rolling putting green.

Quality foundation for a lasting green
A TrueTurf Original Putting Green is installed on a concrete, wood or marine grade foam core base. We usually use concrete for outdoor installations. Your green will putt true, year after year, with no unnatural indentations.

Our Short Game Green has a special base designed to accept longer distance pitch shots, yet is still quite durable, requiring only minimal maintenance.

When circumstances dictate, indoor greens can be installed over wood or foam core. Your TrueTurf Associate will have the right answer for you.





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