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And just plain fun!
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Beautifully landscaped to fit your home
A TrueTurf synthetic putting green is not a do-it-yourself kit. It's a complete turnkey custom-built project, carefully crafted to complement and enhance your existing landscaping. 

A word about Projects vs. Products
At TrueTurf, we differentiate between projects and products. While quality products are indeed an important part of any quality project, other things like service and installation skills are equally important. 

If you wish to handle the design/installation for your project, the very same quality products we employ on our projects are available at TruePlay Sports putting green kits. (TruePlay Sports is a division of the TrueSports Network.)

If you don't want to do it ALL by yourself, we can help - as much or as little as you like. TrueTurf design service, installation and/or project management assistance is available; please call toll-free 800-977-2761 for details.

Start with a plan...
The first step is the initial site consultation: we visit your home to discuss the location and additional options for your new putting green. We then submit a complete design plan that complements your existing landscaping and integrates your putting green. Of course, we're always happy to work with your landscaping professional.

Remember, our entire focus is on creating a professional training aid that is also a valuable addition to your home. Your new TrueTurf green will be luxurious, yet practical. And just plain fun!

Custom enhancements personalize your green
Each TrueTurf green is designed to have the desired characteristics regarding shape, contour, undulation and speed to create a professional practice facility that will help you improve your golf game.  

A sand trap can be added right next to your green for practicing those tricky green-side bunker shots. We can also install a series of landscaping lights that will let you practice as long and as late as you like. 

Quite simply, we make your TrueTurf synthetic putting green, yours.




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