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TrueTurf Short Game Green. Click for larger drawing.

The TrueTurf Short Game Green
The TrueTurf Short Game Green melds the classic "target green" concept with our Original Putting Green. It takes chip, pitch and approach shots exceptionally well, and putts precisely. It is a durable, handsome addition to any landscape, and a superb facility for acquiring and perfecting short game golf skills. In addition, it's fun for the whole family!

Unparalleled golf action
Golf is a game of feel. And practice, practice, practice. If you can't chip and putt, you're "down the road" again this weekend. The TrueTurf Short Game Green looks, plays and feels virtually like live turf without the maintenance worries. In fact, it makes an excellent replacement for natural grass where reduced maintenance is key. It's perfect for locations with conditions that would make growing/maintaining a live green cost prohibitive. 

The modified base makes the top play true
High shots hit the surface with that familiar "pock" sound.
Backspin bites and holds short approach shots on the green.
Bump-and-runs are natural and true.

Sand based, not sand-filled
Our powercell base system is indeed unique. Many "filled" polypropylene greens use sand (or rubber/sand mix) infill ON the putting surface to help absorb the impact of approach shots. The result is often reduced performance or unanticipated maintenance expense for the owner to keep his "filled" green true. The TrueTurf Short Game Green system’s unique construction simply precludes such failings from the beginning.

Outstanding Price/Performance
While the TrueTurf Short Game Green will clearly outperform "sand-filled" greens, it does not require exceptional expense. In fact, our pricing is very competitive with these other greens. 

Superior putting surface tracks true every time
On top of the unique underlayment system, the TrueTurf Short Game Green has a long-lasting nylon putting surface similar to that used on the Original Putting Green. It excels in holding chip, pitch and approach shots. With backspin, the ball bites and tracks back toward the golfer. 



TrueTurf Short Game Green
cutaway demo showing
exclusive underlayment


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