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Practice your short game at home anytime you want!
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Practice your short game at home...
...on the TrueTurf Original Putting Green or the ingenious TrueTurf Short Game Green; beautiful, custom built, maintenance-free putting surfaces you can enjoy anytime with family and friends.

Imagine no more three-putts!
Get the competitive edge for your golf game by improving your short game. Practice anytime you want, day or night. Gain confidence, perfect your putting stroke, lower your golf score and enhance the value of your home in one simple  step; with a TrueTurf green.

The Pro's choice
The TrueTurf green is not a toy. It is a superior synthetic
putting surface used by Tour pros and golf instructors. TrueTurf's specially designed nylon surface duplicates the feel and play of real grass, without the endless daily maintenance of a natural turf surface. Now you can enjoy a professional quality putting surface right in your own back yard!

  • Putts true
  • Improves your chipping and putting short game
  • Customized undulations
  • Gives you the competitive edge
  • Share golf with your family
  • Impervious to harsh weather
  • Adds value to your home or business

Fly the TrueTurf Flag;
let everyone know 
you have the best.


We can design any size or shape
TrueTurf  putting green
just  for you.


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